The visualizations produced by Anatomical Travelogue begin as medical scans of real structures. Our research team of programmers and medical imaging specialists develop the custom software and techniques required to transform this raw medical data into the range of visualizations produced by our company.

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AT’s integrated media is ideal for in-depth examinations of the human body. Usually only available to professionals on high-end computer visualization equipment, AT’s interactive media team develops working models and packages for online and home computer use. With the release of, we are making rich, interactive health content freely available to everyone.

Anatomical Travelogue is an award-winning producer of visually rich health content. Our compelling, human stories are brought to life using high-end 3D visualizations based on actual human data. For the first time ever, we are able to take viewers on incredible journeys through the body. From the molecular level and up through cells, tissues, organs, and systems, our proprietary scientific visualizations deliver images that are unrivaled in accuracy and artistry. AT specializes in developing integrated media asset packages around a central medical theme. Books, magazine articles, websites, and full hour TV specials are produced and financed by our studio. We manage the entire process from initial concept to turn-key delivery and worldwide distribution.

There are a number of people who need to receive medical treatment after they return home from a medical facility. This is known as home health care. This type of care makes it possible for patients to be able to receive a variety of medical services in their home. This can be for individuals who are recovering from a hospital stay, those who are disabled and more. These services also cover individuals who are chronically as well as terminally ill. Home health care is able to provide everything from therapeutic treatments to nursing services as well as assistance with daily living activities and more. According to the Canadian Home Care Association, this type of care has resulted in more than a 72 percent decline in emergency department visits. Home health care has also resulted in an 80 percent reduction for acute in-patient rates for hospital admissions.

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You may be struggling with whether or not you want to hire professional child care Toronto services such as the ones that you find at a daycare center, or you would rather find a person who does it from his or her home. Another option is a part-time caretaker who works as an independent contractor. This person may be a mother herself, and she may want to provide your children with some loving care when you need it. The following are some of the benefits and challenges of each type of care:

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