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How to Keep Costs Low While Attending Caribbean Medical Schools

  • Alexander
  • January 21, 2017
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If you are concerned about the cost of attending Caribbean medical schools, you are not alone. Some schools in this region have tuition of tens of thousands of dollars per semester, and because of this, your education expenses can quickly mount. This is combined with housing, books, transportation and other common expenses that individuals are responsible for while in medical school. As you research medical school requirements for a school you wish to enroll in, you may also try to save money on a Caribbean medical university in these ways.

Find a Roommate
One of your most significant expenses while attending a Caribbean medical university is your housing expense, and you can save a small fortune when you find a roommate. You may need to go to school at Caribbean medical colleges for a semester or two until you are able to find someone you may want to live with. If not, you can place a classified ad or use the school messaging system to find a roommate.

Live Close to Campus
Another money-saving idea is to live close to campus. By choosing to live near campus, you can avoid paying the high cost associated with on-campus housing while also keeping your transportation costs low. When you choose a location strategically, you can also live close to stores, your workplace and other important venues, and this can negate the need to drive a car while in the Caribbean. Owning a vehicle can be very expensive on an island.

Minimize Trips Back Home
Many who attend Caribbean medical schools have the strong desire to return home to the mainland, and this is most often to spend time with family and friends. While some trips back home are to be expected, you may want to keep these trips to a minimum. They can be very costly to your budget. A smart idea is to invite friends or family to visit you on the island annually.

Get a Part-time Job
You may also consider getting a part-time job rather than relying solely on student loans to get by. With a part-time job, you may pay for all of your living expenses and even a portion of your college education. An additional benefit is that you may also get real-life work experience that can help you to get a better job once you graduate from medical school.

Many students unfortunately graduate with monumental medical bills, and they may spend their first ten or 15 years after graduation trying to eliminate this debt. Student loan debt can have a significant impact on your life for years to come, but you can take steps now to take on less debt.

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