What Is Important To Know About Home Health Care

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  • January 5, 2017
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There are a number of people who need to receive medical treatment after they return home from a medical facility. This is known as home health care. This type of care makes it possible for patients to be able to receive a variety of medical services in their home. This can be for individuals who are recovering from a hospital stay, those who are disabled and more. These services also cover individuals who are chronically as well as terminally ill. Home health care is able to provide everything from therapeutic treatments to nursing services as well as assistance with daily living activities and more. According to the Canadian Home Care Association, this type of care has resulted in more than a 72 percent decline in emergency department visits. Home health care has also resulted in an 80 percent reduction for acute in-patient rates for hospital admissions.

Home Care Assistance
The goal of this is for individuals to stay in their homes and not spend time in an institution. The won’t have to stay at a facility as a resident or for long-term to receive necessary nursing care. This is a way medical treatments, as well as life services, can be provided. Medical professionals are able to perform medical and psychological assessments. Individuals can be taught pain management, disease education as well as physical therapy and more. Assistance can be given for daily tasks like meal preparation, laundry, and light housekeeping. This can take place until a patient is able to perform such daily tasks themselves.

Home Care Agencies
These organizations focus on providing skilled medical professionals to provide care in a person’s residence. They will provide medical professions for a limited time to treat an individual’s illness or injury if possible. The goal is to provide medical treatment to a person until this type of care is no longer necessary. These medical services will be discontinued when a medical professional is no longer necessary to provide them.

Canadian Home Health Care
According to the Canadian government, home care services are not covered through the Canada Health Act. Home care services are provided by provincial, territorial, as well as municipal governments. The Canadian government does provide funding and support. It will transfer payments to other governmental entities that provide such health care and social services. The Canadian government will provide home care services to First Nations in communities designated as Inuit. It will also provide these services for members of the Canadian armed forces as well as eligible veterans and others.

Home Health Care Workers
The types of skilled professionals who work at home heath care programs include registered nurse, occupational therapist, licensed practical nurse, family physician, dietitian, physiotherapist, social workers and more. The Canadian government will have an increased need for these types of medical professionals in the future. The use of home health care is expected to steadily increase during the next decade.

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