10 Facts About Hearing

Imagine if you will – a world without hearing. How much of your life would be different? Our hearing is such a unique sense that our vision quite often overtakes it. However, our hearing is indeed a gift that many take for granted. Imagine never being able to listen to music or hear the sound of your partner laughing, or your baby speaking.

The need to hear is not only for emotional reasons but can also be for safety reasons, and it would prove invaluable for you to see an audiologist and take a hearing test to make sure that your hearing is up to par.

Our hearing test Calgary clinic is one of the best hearing clinics to determine the efficacy of your hearing and if you will need a hearing aid or not. Our hearing is indeed a fantastic gift, and to better help you appreciate this fantastic sense we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 10 surprising facts about hearing.

10 Facts About Hearing

# 1 – Our Ears Keep Us Balanced

Our ears are for more than just listening they are also important for us to keep our balance.

# 2 – Your Ears Are Always On

Unlike our vision – our hearing never goes off. Even when we are sleeping our hearing is still active. Our brain ignores the noise. However, for some of us, our hearing is the cause of us waking up or missing out on sleep.

# 3 – Hearing Loss Begins For Many Before 65

For many people who start to lose their hearing, this happens before age 65. This is more the reason to make sure you take a hearing test.

# 4 – Pencil Eraser

The inner ear circumference s the size of a pencil eraser.

# 5 – Your Hearing Is Due To Hair

Inside our ears are little hairs that are the reasons that we can hear. Losing hair in our ears will make us lose our hearing.

# 6 – Wax

Contrary to belief you do not need to clean the wax out of your ear. The ear will push the excess wax out for you.

# 7 – The Number One Reason For Hearing Loss

The number one reason for hearing loss comes down to loud noise that has a decibel higher than 85. Make sure not to have those headphones blasted.

# 8 – Echolocation

It is possible for people to navigate through life through echolocation. You don’t need your eyes to visualize the world around you.

# 9 – Music

Our hearing allows for us to experience this fantastic thing called music. Music has the power to transform lives in a significant way.

# 10 – Not All Species Hear With Ears

Animals like snakes use their jawbones to hear, and fish respond to pressure changes on the water.